PRP Treatments to Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is a common problem that affects men and women alike, and PRP treatments can help to stimulate new hair growth. Just like with the vampire facial treatment, the growth factors used in hair growth treatments also increase blood flow and can stimulate the growth of hair follicle cells.

One of the biggest benefits of PRP therapy is its ability to recruit stem cells to the injection sites. Stem cells have the ability to create an assortment of different tissues, including hair follicles. By bringing extra stem cells to the area, activating them, and stimulating their proliferation, PRP can help to create new hair follicle cells, leaving you with fuller, healthier hair.

Hair treatments with PRP also involve injecting the plasma directly into the skin in need of hair regrowth. This minor trauma can help to stimulate blood flow to the area; improve the functioning of cells; and promote denser, longer, and healthier hair growth.

All treatments are done in-house under the supervision of Dr. Hostetter. We are more than happy to resolve any questions you might have. For any questions, or to schedule your first appointment please call 425-454-0406.