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The human body has the capacity to heal itself. At Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center, our focus is on treatments that stimulate natural healing. Established by Dr. Lucy Hostetter, who is dedicated to taking the medical arts to a higher level. Her clinic has become known as the premier regenerative therapy center in the Pacific Northwest.

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Regenerative MedicineMeet Dr. Hostetter

Dr. Lucy Hostetter is a widely respected board-certified anesthesiologist and regenerative medicine specialist. Her deep background in orthopedic and spinal surgery led her to both develop and identify a range of effective alternative treatments for pain alleviation, without surgical intervention, trauma, or the use of medications, all of which have side effects. She offers her patients the opportunity to undergo regenerative treatments to repair and restore without the pain and trauma of surgery, by stimulating the natural healing capacity that lives within the human body.

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Regenerative TherapyCellular Therapy

At SRMC we are utilizing cellular therapy, including PRP and bone marrow derived stem cells to treat numerous musculoskeletal conditions including osteoarthritis and sports injuries. Click below to learn more about our stem cell therapy in Seattle.

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Regenerative TherapyTreatment Areas

At SRMC, our doctors will work with you to find the best solution to improve your quality of life. If you are suffering from chronic pain symptoms including arthritis pain, chronic back pain, untreated neuropathic pain, as well as other causes of chronic pain, we may be able to help.

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Medical Wellness ProcedureHormone
Replacement Therapy

One of the most vital aspects of overall health is hormone levels, which typically become unbalanced with age, or for some, due to the stress of modern sedentary lifestyles. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works to reset your hormone levels, causing a remarkable effect on energy, overall vitality, the ability to maintain a healthy weight, memory, sexuality, and wards off the natural muscle loss associated with age in both men and women. This treatment allows you to restore optimal hormone levels within two weeks of treatment, with ongoing checkups to ensure the best results. Our patients are delighted to feel significantly more energetic and youthful after this advanced hormone treatment.

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Aesthetics Radiance Aesthetics Medical Spa

Radiance Medical Spa was established to deliver an array of the world’s most effective aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate skin, resculpt the body, and create a look that enhances every facet of your life experience. You can expect a fully customized approach to beauty, geared to bring out the best in your natural features, or create a more sculpted, toned, healthy physique.

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Enhance your life experience.Find peace in the
strength of your body.

The sensation of knowing you look your best, feeling energetic, full of life, and ready to take on whatever life brings you is a life-changing experience. Our regenerative medical specialists have assembled the world’s most effective treatments to enhance confidence, your enjoyment of life, and bring out the best in your body and features.

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