Should you consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Although this was once thought to be more common in older generations, many young men in their twenties suffer from low testosterone levels. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, high-stress work environments, and other factors all contribute to lower rates of hormones which can lead to weight gain, memory decline, fatigue, and muscle loss - some of the most commonly known symptoms of hormonal imbalance. 

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What are some common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men?

Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men include:

  • Loss of libido
  • Reduced mental focus & energy levels
  • Diminished muscle mass & joint pain
  • Increased irritability & depression
  • Reduced sexual performance

How does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) treatment work?

You will receive hormone replacement pellets every five to six months, depending on your body's needs and our medical team's recommendations. Within two weeks of receiving the pellet, you should achieve optimal hormone levels. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Hostetter are scheduled to check that your treatment plan is going well and that you're experiencing the desired results.

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Can bio-identical hormones be the answer?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can reset your hormones to optimal levels, thereby decreasing your symptoms and returning you to a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more, schedule your consultation today. It’s time to start living better!

What are the advantages?

  • No hormone roller coaster effect
  • More consistent blood hormone levels
  • Better long-term results
  • Fewer appointments
  • No injection site side effects
  • No need to self-administer treatment
  • More effective than creams or gels
  • No needles

Want to feel like yourself again, without the frustrating side effects that often come with other types of hormone replacement therapies? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets can help you do just that.

How is bioidentical hormone replacement different from other types of hormone replacements?

Bioidentical hormones are compounded from naturally occurring sources and are designed to be structurally indistinguishable from endogenous human hormones. The term “bioidentical” refers to the exact-match replication that can be credited for the reduced number of side effects and risks patients experience, as well as the effectiveness of the treatment.

Am I a good candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement?

Men experiencing hormonal imbalance often write off the symptoms as a natural part of growing older. However, men as young as 30 can start to experience hormone issues. The telltale signs may suddenly crop up or accumulate slowly over time. If you’re experiencing weight gain, depression, sexual dysfunction, irregular sleep patterns, or fatigue, it might be time to seek help and investigate bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

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Get to know our expert on regenerative medicine: Dr. Lucy Hostetter

Dr. Hostetter is an acclaimed, certified anesthesiologist who established her professional journey specializing in orthopedic and spinal surgery--further developing keen skills in regional anesthesia. Today, she expertly utilizes cutting-edge needling techniques (all while sharing a passion for forward-thinking pain treatment strategies) within the realm of regenerative medicine, administering bioidentical hormone therapy for men in Seattle. After receiving her MD from the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Hostetter completed her anesthesiology residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Next, she was given the Moore-Bridenbaugh Regional Anesthesia Research Fellowship and used that opportunity to train anesthesia residents.

Regenerative medicine and hormonal replacement therapy
After relocating to Seattle, Dr. Hostetter quickly positioned herself as a knowledgeable authority on regenerative cell therapy and joint preservation. She strongly believes in regenerative medicine's power to heal patients by returning them to their prior quality of life without opioids or surgery.

Why choose Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center?

We specialize in regenerative medicine, which means supporting your body's ability to heal itself. This includes therapies like stem cell therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Our goal is to help you feel rejuvenated and improve your long-term health. We offer unparalleled personal support and care to all our patients.

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