Hear what some of our patients who have received one of our regenerative treatments such as stem cell therapy in Seattle have to say.

Patient Testimonials

I never felt better. The staff is friendly and efficient and Dr Lucy is knowledgeable and kind. The process is pretty painless and very worth it!

Keri Chapman

Life changing! Thank you to all at SRMC. I began my search a few years ago to find a solution to the negative effects of perimenopause. Headaches, brain fog, and low energy were just a few of the downfalls I was experiencing. At the time, I knew my body well enough to know what ailed me was hormone-related. I discussed having my hormone levels checked with my regular doctor, which she was not interested in doing until I was into menopause and off birth control. Thankfully, I saw an ad for hormone pellets and immediately contacted them for a consultation. From the beginning, I felt assured I was in good hands as they reminded me this is exactly what they do! Not only did the labs they ordered detect a severe testosterone deficiency, but a low-functioning thyroid as well. Ever since receiving my first treatment, I have never looked back. The cloud lifted and I can live a much fuller life. Thank you!!


I wanted to express my wonderful experience at Seattle Regenerative and thank Dr. Lucy Hostetter! Great friendly and yet very professional service and treatment! I have been taking the hormonal pellets for close to a year now and my life and emotional happiness has never been better. I also had Stem Cell Replacement in my knee due to a torn ACL and have noticed a major improvement in less discomfort and more movement! One of my better life decisions was to seek care at the Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center.

Julie Clark

I had an extensive conversation with the Dr before starting BHT to review my blood panel. She was concise and interested in helping relieve my symptoms. After 3 weeks I am so pleased to report my hot flashes and night sweats are gone. I am sleeping better than I have in years and as a bonus my joint pain is gone. All post-menopausal symptoms are relieved. I am thrilled. No side effects.

Annette Alt

From Dr. Hostetter I received multiple PRP + stem injections. I find her to be friendly, thorough, and highly competent. I chose her because her anesthesiology training makes her an expert in precision injections, and I am glad I did.

Karl J. Obermeyer

I have never been to a medical facility that was more Caring and compassionate. From doctor Lucy down to all of her staff, They took extra special care of me considering my personal issues. I wish they provided all the medical Specialties and treatments that I need and I would have one stop shopping for sure because there is no place better to go

Sir Andy

The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly offering constant support and guidance throughout the process. After my procedure - which was painless and fast, I left with support materials, necessary supplements, and contact information if I have any questions. Almost four weeks later (at expected timeline) I received a text reminding me to schedule labs. I’m incredibly excited to see those results because I feel so much better: increased energy, decreased irritability, improvement in brain fog, and my mood and libido have lifted as well. I only wish I had the procedure sooner.

Jill Beagles

Kristal was informative, honest, and easy to talk with. She spent a full hour with me and provided a thorough treatment. Looking forward to the end results. I highly recommend Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center!

Well, all I have done so far is the consultation. The procedures are upcoming. I will say the consultation was great. I was surprised at how thorough the Dr was with questions, explanations and a detailed interactive exam. She gave great feedback and options for treatment plans. My appointment was nearly an hour, never felt rushed and made sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed as well as what to expect. She even gave personal experience feedback, having had the same procedure done recently. This was a second opinion. My pcp appointment was maybe 10 minutes and did not go into any details like this at all. I decided to go ahead with the procedures here due to how comfortable I felt with the Dr during this consult.

Charles Collins

I had a great experience having IPL at Seattle Regenerative. Chrystal was excellent. Very professional and courteous. She was very thorough with questions and explanations about the procedure. She was constantly making sure of my level of comfort and pain tolerance. I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to future treatments.

Lenize Gulin

Excellent facility and practitioners! Clean quick all services were explained thoroughly. Customer service is top notch. I would recommend my family and friends, I had a hydra facial at this facility and a consultation with Dr.Hostetter. Wait time was minimal and I was able to get an appointment within 2 days of my initial phone call. Can’t wait to come back!

Poonam Gill

I recently went to Seattle Regenerative Medical Center for and IPL treatment and I couldn’t be more pleased. Their client service, prices, and treatment results went above all others. Having gone to several Dermatologists’ in Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton I was seeking a new provider due to being unhappy with my previous experiences. I was apprehensive on the day of my appointment having never been to SRMC. However, all that changed the minute I walked through the door. The office is beautiful, free of clutter, and I was met by a cheerful, welcoming front desk assistant. My wait wasn’t long before Kristal Olsen came to greet me. She led me back to the treatment room, which was sparkling clean and spacious. We sat down and Kristal began by asking about my past treatments, and current products I use. She is very easy to talk to and seemed to truly care about my skin health. She also offered samples of products I may enjoy. No pushy salesmanship. In the past I was expected to buy a 100.00 product without even given a sample to try. Once on the bed, I was offered a blanket and a bolster was placed under my knees for comfort. Kristal again explained the entire IPL procedure and began my treatment. She used a wand that also cools the skin after each pulse of the light. I had never had a cooler before, and it felt wonderful. It made the procedure far more comfortable. After finishing I was given samples of sunscreen to protect my skin and even icepacks for the way home. Again, never have I received this type of client care. I was so thrilled I booked a second appointment before I left. I strongly recommend you book and appointment and visit SRMC. Truly this is the best provider I’ve ever visited. You really will miss out if you don’t try at least one session with them. Thank You, Gina C.

Sabrina01 Keller

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