When under our care, your individualized treatment will be performed by a board-certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiologist with a specialty in regional anesthesia and pain medicine, Dr. Lucy Hostetter. Dr. Hostetter offers patients non-surgical options to feel better and live with less pain. While it is impossible to turn back time, it is entirely possible to feel and look better – at any age. 

You are unique.

You are a unique individual in every way, from your personality to your physiology, DNA, and lifestyle. Our treatment plans are customized specifically to treat your unique condition. Bioidentical hormone treatments can significantly enhance your energy levels and sense of well-being, allowing you to feel young and vital. While there is no stopping the process of aging, it is very possible to feel energetic and youthful, no matter your age. You should be able to do what you love without suffering pain or discomfort, and we are here to help.

You are not alone.

If you feel a lack of energy, suffer joint discomfort or pain, and are less able to enjoy life, you are not alone. What you are feeling is extremely common, and we hear you. Our goal is to provide individualized care, customized to your specific symptoms and needs, and help you get the most out of life. Dr. Lucy Hostetter offers regenerative treatments that work and practices the art of regenerative medicine with honesty and integrity. You will be fully informed about what can be expected with the treatments we recommend and their potential success.

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What we offer our patients

Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center was established to provide patients with treatments that enhance their overall quality of life. We offer a range of treatments to restore and renew, including:

  • Stem cell therapy: Dr. Hostetter offers advanced stem cell therapies to treat a range of degenerative conditions affecting the joints and other body areas. Utilizing a unique blend of bone marrow stem cells and plasma derivatives, your body’s natural healing mechanism can be rejuvenated. 
  • PRP Therapy: PRP, or “platelet-rich plasma” is created from a small sample of your own blood, to concentrate the number of platelets to accelerate the rate of new tissue growth to treat damaged tendons, ligaments, and discs for patients suffering from orthopedic-related chronic pain.
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy for women: The female body, as it ages, experiences hormonal changes that have a dramatic impact on overall health and well-being. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has a restorative effect, as the hormones are returned to the optimal levels, relieving a set of common symptoms, including weight gain, memory decline, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and emotional ups and downs.
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy for Men: As male hormone levels reduce with age, men can experience a dramatic drop in energy, sexual health, and vitality. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, patients can restore vitality, energy, and life force – naturally. 
  • Medical weight loss: Several natural changes can make it difficult or impossible to shed excess weight, including hormonal imbalances, a slowed metabolism, digestive problems, lack of physical activity, the side effects of medications, and diet. Our medical weight loss programs are personalized for the individual.
  • Sexual health: A decline in sexual health is a common problem for both men and women, but is not inevitable with the right treatments. Restoring libido, sexual response, and pleasure in intimacy helps you feel younger and more vital.
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Radiance Medical Spa

Along with her regenerative medicine practice, Dr. Hostetter offers a range of aesthetic treatments at Radiance Aesthetics Medical Spa:

  • BOTOX treatments
  • Acne treatment
  • Hydrafacial
  • Microneedling
  • Radiofrequency microneedling
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Photofacial
  • Vampire facial
  • Emsculpt NEO fat burning, muscle building
  • Laser hair removal
  • Venus Versa body contouring

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