While I have a deep love for the practices of surgery and anesthesiology, I am excited to offer patients an alternative to surgery … a means to repair and restore themselves back to the life they want, doing what they love to do, without the pain and trauma of surgery. This is the direction all of medicine should be going … to help the body heal itself

Dr. Hostetter is a nationally-recognized board certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiologist who built her career specializing in orthopedic and spine surgery with an expertise in regional anesthesia. She brings her expert needling techniques, along with her passion for innovative pain treatment strategies to the field of regenerative medicine.

After earning her MD from the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Hostetter completed her anesthesiology residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center. After residency, she was awarded the Moore-Bridenbaugh Regional Anesthesia Research Fellowship, where she honed her interest and skill in pain management through training anesthesia residents and researching alternate ways to treat acute pain.

Following fellowship, Dr. Hostetter joined a private practice group at Swedish Medical Center where she initiated the adductor canal nerve block program for postoperative pain management, leading to shorter hospital stays, decreased opioid use and improved pain scores in patients following total knee surgery. In 2014, building on the success of this program, Dr. Hostetter went on to establish the first ever regional anesthesia nerve block program for orthopedics and podiatry at St. Francis Hospital. There, she also founded the multimodal pain program for joints and spine patients, significantly improving postoperative pain outcomes.

She has published several research papers, and co-authored the Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia chapter in a leading Clinical Anesthesia textbook. She is also enthusiastic about teaching, and as an avid lecturer and educator, she routinely teaches ultrasound and regional anesthesia to anesthesiologists nationwide.

Dr. Hostetter’s dedication to optimizing the patient experience through minimally invasive strategies drove her interest in regenerative medicines such as stem cell therapy. She is committed to its ability to restore orthopedic function, rejuvenate mental and emotional vitality, and relieve pain without relying on opioid drugs.