Don’t Let Knee Pain Slow You Down! Seattle Regenerative Medicine Can Help.

If you suffer from pain behind your knee, have been diagnosed with arthritis or you’re being told surgery is needed, there are minimally invasive, non-surgical options covered by most insurance providers and Medicare. Our doctors at Seattle Regenerative Medicine offer knee pain treatments that will delay or eliminate the need for surgical options. If you experience any knee joint pain at all, it’s important to locate the source and take care of it before it gets more serious. We are the Northwest’s leading experts in treating sports injuries, arthritis, orthopedic injuries, & other conditions. We are focused on promoting healing from within, regenerative medicine offers patients a true alternative to invasive (and often ineffective) treatments.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment for Knee Pain

The fluid in your knee helps to lubricate and protect the joint during normal movement. The main compound of knee fluid is hyaluronic acid, which is what makes up GenVisc 850. One of the early symptoms of osteoarthritis is the reduction in knee fluid volume, making the joint less effective. Hyaluronic acid for joints helps by adding more volume to your synovial fluid, resulting in a reduction of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

Radiofrequency Ablation

RFA of the knee appears to be a viable and effective treatment option, providing significant benefit to well-selected patients lasting at least 3 months. A radiofrequency ablation procedure uses radio-magnetic waves to stop the nerves from transmitting pain signals from the knee joints to the brain. The doctor uses an x-ray to direct specialized needles to the specific medial branches that are transmitting pain. Once the location of each needle is finalized, an anesthetic is used and a radiofrequency procedure is performed. What to expect after radiofrequency ablation? The benefits of getting a Radiofrequency Ablation in Seattle include reduced knee pain, more flexibility, and enhanced function.

PRP Therapy Seattle

PRP Therapy

Knee pain patients suffering from osteoarthritis, cartilage detention, ligament / tendon tears, or repetitive use injuries of the knee; have found relief with ultrasound-guided PRP injection therapy. The Platelet Rich Plasma is injected at the injury site, accelerating the body’s own natural healing process.

Stem Cell Therapy Seattle

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy utilizes your own body’s biologics for common injuries including stenosis, annular tears of the disc, degenerative disc disease, and other degenerative back issues. Stem Cell Therapy addresses the cause of the pain versus just managing symptoms. Stem Cell Therapy provides growth factors to aid in the healing of tissues that are injured allowing you to heal faster and have less pain than traditional medicine.

Meet Our Medical Director: Dr. Lucy Hostetter

Dr. Hostetter is a nationally-recognized board certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiologist who built her career specializing in orthopedic and spine surgery with an expertise in regional anesthesia. She brings her expert needling techniques, along with her passion for innovative pain treatment strategies to the field of regenerative medicine, providing stem cell therapy in Seattle.

After earning her MD from the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Hostetter completed her anesthesiology residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center. After residency, she was awarded the Moore-Bridenbaugh Regional Anesthesia Research Fellowship, where she honed her interest and skill in pain management through training anesthesia residents and researching alternate ways to treat acute pain.

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