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How alternative treatments, like Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy are getting athletes back into the game

Many athletes struggle with sports injuries and are looking for alternative treatments to get back into the game.  They need something that is safe, effective, and speeds up the healing process. Athletes like Tiger Woods, 2019 Masters winner, Kobe Bryant & Steph Curry, both top-rated NBA All-Stars and Alex Rodriguez (AKA A-Rod) from the Yankees have all found an alternative treatment that has revitalized their careers. They, along with other athletes and any person living an active lifestyle can benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) when it comes to injuries and chronic pain. If you are looking to avoid surgery, additional surgery or to speed up the recovery from a recent surgery, PRP is an option to consider.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)?

If you are like many other people, PRP is not something you are familiar with. The therapy procedure can be described in 3 easy steps. First, blood is taken from the person who is being treated.  Next, the blood is put into a device and spun at high speeds. Lastly, the area of the body needing treatment is injected with a concentration of the platelets. The therapy takes under an hour from the time the blood is drawn until the time it is injected.

PRP injections are used to treat different areas of the body, including the ankle, back, elbow, knee, hip, neck and shoulder.  It is commonly used for plantar fasciitis, chronic back pain, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, whiplash, knee injuries, and rotator cuff tears.  The PRP injections aren’t just for athletes, but any person who suffers from chronic pain, especially those who have active lifestyles and don’t want surgery.

Questions to ask the doctor

Before deciding a treatment option for your chronic pain, knee injuries, torn tendons or ligaments and arthritis here are a few key things to consider.

What are the benefits to an alternative treatment versus a more traditional one?

What are the risks of surgery versus something less invasive?

How long is the procedure and how many treatments will I need before the chronic pain is relieved?

How long is the recovery time before I can resume daily activities?

Is it safe and what are the side effects?

Will I have to travel outside of the Greater Seattle area for a board certified specialist?

The cutting edge PRP injection procedure encourages your body’s natural healing process, is non-invasive, simple, has mild side effects and reduces inflammation.  There is also little to no down time so that you are able to resume normal activities after your therapy.

Here are some reasons to consider a PRP injection.


Minimal Side Effects Inflammation Reduction Reduced or eliminated chronic pain Avoid surgery Soft-tissue healing Regain flexibility and range of motion


Bleeding and/or an infection are very rare


Simple Non-Surgical Under 1 hour


Resume activities almost immediately Mild discomfort in the injection area


Yes, it is unlikely that your body will reject PRP FDA regulated

Although you may not be a well known athlete, if you have chronic pain, you want to live pain free and you want to avoid surgery than PRP may be a solution for you.  In addition to choosing the right treatment, you will want to ensure you choose the right specialist. Be sure you are looking at their credentials, length of experience, publications and reviews.  Finding the right treatment is just as important as finding the right specialists.

In the Greater Seattle area, Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center offers FREE consultations for those who are struggling with chronic pain.   You can discuss your options and see if a Regenerative Therapy, like PRP would be right for you. Please contact SRMC at 1-425-454-0406 to book your free consultation for PRP Therapy in Seattle.

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