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My Experience Trying the Emsculpt Neo Treatment

I’ll admit it – I hate the gym. When COVID-19 hit the United States that was all the excuse I needed to stop going. “Now I can’t go!” I would tell myself, it wasn’t the responsible thing to do – which felt nice – but after not going for months I had started to pack on the pounds and it was time to be proactive about my health again.

EmSculpt Neo brand logoWhen Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center in Bellevue, WA was approached by Emsculpt to start offering the treatment, we were pretty blown away by what we showed us! I couldn’t help but think that this might be the perfect way to get back into pre-corona shape without *shudder* exercising. Of course, I volunteered to go first. I laid down on the bed, they put a belt around my waist and placed 2 paddles on either side of my lower abdomen. I was immediately reminded of those vibrating belts they sold in the 1980s, but this looked more like one of those on steroids.

The Emsculpt Neo treatment is based on high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy which is used to sculpt and tone your targeted area. The treatment is FDA approved to reduce fat & build muscle in the targeted area. Just one Emsculpt toning session creates many thousands of large muscle contractions which is how the treatment ultimately improves your tone and strength of your muscles.

When the machine turned on, at first it was a bit tingling and I felt the warmth of the RF (radio frequency.) Soon I got used to the sensation, it was intense & comfortable all at the same time, a pretty manageable feeling. After my 30 minute session, they unstrapped me and that was that. My abs felt warm, but no soreness at all. No crunches, no squats, no treadmill!

After the procedure, I noticed I was a bit sore (much in the same way I felt after an hour at the gym.) It took about a week before I noticed a difference. My chest was a bit more toned, and I could see a bit more definition. I didn’t look like The Rock, but I could see a clear improvement.

If you would like to find out what Emsculpt Neo can do for you, give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation at (425) 528-1402.

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