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Tennis Elbow Isn’t just for Tennis Players

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Is your elbow tender or sore, do you use that muscle frequently? Chances are you might have tennis elbow. Even if you don’t play tennis, there are several sports, activities, and occupations that can trigger tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is an overuse injury that occurs by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm, causing strain on the tendons. Tennis elbow usually gets better on its own, but there are several treatment options if over the counter medicine is no longer helping. Therapy, surgery, and lifestyle and home remedies are a few of the categories of treatment options. The surgery treatment option includes injections like platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy.


Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy for Tennis Elbow?

First, what is stem cell therapy and how will it help me? Stem cell therapy takes stem cells from your bone marrow, they then separate and concentrate them. Once that is done, they inject the stem cells into your elbow at the injury. It works by attracting growth factors that aid in the repair of the soft tissue. Stem cells are your body’s natural healer, they can become other types of cells to help repair the damaged tissue. It does take a couple of weeks, at most eight, for the cells to promote healing, but when effective can last many years.


Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for Me?

Patients that have tried other over the counter medications and still experience pain and want to avoid surgery are eligible for stem cell. Patients that are not eligible are patients with a recent cancer diagnosis who are undergoing treatment, patients with blood-borne diseases or malignancies, patients with current infections, and patients on high doses of blood thinner that cannot stop the medication due to a health concern. Stem Cell Therapy has minimal risks and can last several years. However, it is likely that insurance doesn’t cover it.


Avoid Surgery and Begin the Healing Process Today

Stem cell therapy is a natural and effective way to promote healing in your body. Surgery can be invasive and has longer recovery periods. You don’t need to rely on medications to help heal your tennis elbow. Stem cell therapy can get back to your old self with a simple procedure. 

In the Greater Seattle area, Seattle Regenerative Medicine Center offers stem cell treatment for arthritis, orthopedic injuries, and other degenerative conditions. You can discuss your options and see if Ketamine infusions are the best option to help you feel like yourself again. Please contact SRMC at 1-425-454-0406 to book your consultation.

By Dr. Lucy Hostetter

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